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Three new faces on Harrisburg City Council

Posted on 4/8/2015, 1:03 AM

Harrisburg City Council experienced a shake up in the Consolidated Election with only one incumbent candidate — John McPeek — being re-elected.

McPeek was the top vote-getter for the four available seats with 711 votes or 12 percent followed by Natalie Miller with 615 votes or 10 percent, Beth Simpson Montfort 592 or 10 percent and Richard D. Harper with 588 or 10 percent.

“I feel being on the council the last 12 years that Harrisburg finds I represent the city’s best interests. They have placed a lot of trust in me to represent the city the next four years,” McPeek said.

“And I believe (Mayor) Dale (Fowler) is aggressive in moving the city forward and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

Richard Harper, city treasurer for 8 1/2 year, was happy to have received voter confidence.

“I’m glad to be in the top four,” Harper said.

As far as priorities as commissioner, Harper said he would have to do some homework into the city’s most immediate needs.

“I’d like to get in and see where we’re at,” Harper said. “Infrastructure needs to be taken care of.”

Dale Fowler was uncontested for mayor and received 1,413 votes.

Losing candidates in order of highest votes received were Steven Larry Reed, Mike Weirauch, Ryan Lambert, Ron Fearheiley, Linda Mitacek, Charles F. Will, Wayne Horstmann and Michael L. Smith.

Fearheiley, city commissioner of four years and city employee for 30 years, said he was not surprised by his loss.

“It was the outside fire response, but people don’t understand how they are being taxed,” Fearheiley said.

Fearheiley was a vocal supporter of the controversial issue of limiting the city’s fire response to the city limits and council approved that measure. Fearheiley argued it was unfair that city taxpayers were funding a service a large portion of the county was receiving at no cost, other than a $2,000 per call fee. Fire response was later expanded by council to include all of Harrisburg Township under a condition of township voters approving a referendum for an extra tax to help fund fire protection.

“It’s not that I didn’t want response to fires, I just wanted it funded properly and people didn’t understand that,” Fearheiley said.

Fearheiley, while disappointed, appreciates the opportunities his employment and service to council has afforded him.

“The city’s been good to me,” he said.


The Eldorado City Council race had no surprises, as no seats were contested and all candidates were incumbents.

Mayor Rocky James received 523 votes. For City Council, Jeff Minor received 405 votes or 27 percent, Tim McGrath received 403 votes or 26 percent, Bob Briddick received 347 votes or 23 percent and Robert B. Price received 339 votes or 22 percent.

Carrier Mills

In the Village Trustee of Carrier Mills race there were only two incumbent candidates for three seats.

Tracy Felty received 139 votes or 51 percent and Bill Jensik received 129 votes or 48 percent. The remaining seat will have to be filled by appointment.


In the Village Trustee of Galatia race there were three candidates for three seats.

Darlene Higgins received 58 votes or 35 percent, Stephen Sloan received 57 votes or 34 percent and Kenneth Clark received 48 votes or 29 percent.


Muddy’s single candidate for village president, John Maxwell Molinarolo, received seven votes to win.

The three candidates for three village trustee seats were Matt A. Molinarolo with 8 votes, Mary L. Potter and John Vincent Molinarolo with six votes each.


There were three Raleigh village trustee seats and five candidates.

Elected were Ollie Brown with 46 votes or 23 percent, Justin Maloney with 39 votes or 20 percent and Vince Talkington with 39 votes or 20 percent.

Losing candidates were Paul Bishop with 35 votes or 18 percent and Aaron Whitlock with 33 votes or 17 percent.


Stonefort had two candidates for village president.

George Jackson was elected with 24 votes or 68 percent over Ronald Howard with 11 votes or 31 percent.

There were three candidates for the three village trustee seats.

Floyd Craig received 20 votes or 39 percent, James Milburn received 19 votes or 37 percent and Sue Field received 12 votes or 23 percent.

There were two candidates for the two 2-year unexpired term seats and Monty Dunn received 21 votes or 55.26 percent and William “Bill” Presley received 17 votes or 44 percent.

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