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Du Quoin candidate Angie Roach says she won't take a paycheck if elected on April 7

Posted on 2/26/2015, 9:00 AM

Du Quoin City Council commissioner candidate Angie Roach said today that if elected to the council on April 7, “I will NOT take any pay for the office due to the lack of funds for the City of Du Quoin.”

Roach is a former council member and served as street commissioner.

“In 2001, the citizens of Du Quoin made it known that they were ready for a change. All new commissioners were elected including the first woman and first black. In 2000, our primary petition stated that the council would run for a four-year term. As you may be aware, the voters adopted a referendum, in 2001 reducing the terms of city officials to two years. Though supported by a majority of the city commissioners it was changed by the new city commissioners,” she said.

“We gave back the power to the commissioners but somehow either they didn’t want to do their jobs or didn’t care. I remember being awakened by citizens needing help and never said NO. We are very lucky to have dependable city workers that do care,” she adds.

“I have listened to the concerns of all of the citizens of Du Quoin and I will make myself available 24 hours a day as I did before. We need to hire local people, cut costs and keep our money local. What happened to the tax abatement? What happened to the over $1 million left. Our sales tax keeps going up. There is a limit to how much citizens can pay,” she said.

“I was not for home rule and fought against it. Now the council has the power to do what the want.” she continues.

She points to the fact that during her service a basketball court was built in the new west side park. “Sidewalks from the railroad tracks to the swimming pool for our kids and grandkids to be safe were built,” she said.

“One thing I was the most proud of was the city park restrooms. Some were against some of the park board members, but it was completed anyway with the help of many volunteers. Steve Eisenhauer, Jeff Robinson, Larry Brown. Roger Dennis, Earl Spain, electricians and lumber yards. The stones were donated, people brought by food and drinks and even Pinckneyville came and helped. Many more gave their time to help this cause. So many ...”

“Most didn’t even get a thank you. Thanks to every one that helped. Great job. That was what the council of 2001 left for the city. It took a lot of sweat from these men and women, but the people from Du Quoin and outside the area benefit from our city park, we have something to be proud of,” she said.

“While I was in office I was fiscally prudent, looking for waste at all times. I discovered the city was over-paying a light bill for the Youth Club. The city had been paying $328.00 instead of $32.80 a month. I was able to obtain a $17,282.00 credit from Illinois Power.”

“It also discovered that the city was paying over $40,000 on health insurance when it was not required. It is no longer in practice. I found that the city was paying for private parking lot lights for businesses. You have to cut costs and stay within your budget, buy local,” she adds.

“Rex Duncan mentions in the Du Quoin Evening Call all that he has accomplished for the city. I always thought that the Du Quoin city council was plural and not singular. It takes a mayor and four city commissioners,” she said.

“I voted for what I thought was the best for the citizens of Du Quoin. We need a council that will ask questions and discuss issues. No more rubber stamps. The City of Du Quoin needs to keep our money local. Cut costs, don’t raise our water bills. You find ways to cut and stay within your means,” she said.

Reflecting back on the start of the War on Iraq and the parade that supported our hometown troops, Mrs. Roach said, “A woman, Pat Cook, had a grandson who was in Iraq along with many other women and men from our area. She had a dream and I helped her fulfill that dream. Hundreds of people came with their pictures of their loved ones, marching down Main Street to the Catholic Church where a beautiful service was held in honor of our troops. It was wonderful to see the community come together to show their support . It was a day that Du Quoin showed that Indian pride. Our men and women are still fighting for our great land and need our prayers. I once read that attitude is a little word that makes a big difference. I am asking for your help to continue working for the betterment of our city,” she said.

“I have no political ties and will continue to be an independent voice for the citizens of Du Quoin. I have the right approach and I am asking for your vote.”

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