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Sheriff warns of new phone scams

Benton News
updated: 3/6/2019 3:19 AM

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office is alerting the public to two new telephone scams that have been reported in the area.

The first call reportedly states that "you" missed jury duty and a warrant has been issued. You are advised to obtain pre-paid cards, call back and provide the card information. Once those numbers are given, the scammer can collect, and the cards are not traceable.

The second involves the Sheriff's Office directly. Authorities there have been told that people are receiving a call, sometimes automated, advising them to call 618-440-5237, cloud-based out of California. Upon doing so, the call is answered by an automated system that identifies itself as the Franklin County Sheriff's Office warrant division. The caller is then asked to leave their name and contact information to await a return call from a deputy, noting that all deputies are currently out of the office. This number is not associated with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office.

The sheriff reminds the public that his office does not call and advise people of warrants as a general rule. It also does not ask for pre-paid card information or other banking information to satisfy the bond. If a warrant is issued, the person must be brought to the jail to be processed and then post bond. It will not be done over the phone.