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Letter: Urge Rauner to preserve 911 service

updated: 6/26/2017 11:14 AM

To the editor:
We're asking Illinois residents to help us preserve and enhance 911 service in Illinois.
The state law authorizing 911 service sunsets June 30. The Illinois General Assembly has passed a bipartisan bill to protect these services, but it is awaiting Gov. Rauners's signature. Without his signature before July 1, Illinois residents may be faced with the loss of 911 service statewide. In addition, new funding is needed to modernize 911 systems for Next Generation 911 that will enhance citizen safety and expedite emergency response. Next Generation 911 ultimately will allow Illinois citizens to contact emergency responders by calling, text messaging, sending photos and videos to provide first responders with real-time information.
Without a new law, 911 service in Illinois would stop July 1. There would be no authorization for centers to provide 911 service and no funding for 911 centers to continue operations.
Gov. Rauner must act to reauthorize 911 service, and to provide critical new revenue to modernize 911 systems and begin the process of upgrading to Next Generation 911 service.
We ask Illinois residents to call Gov. Rauner and urge him to reauthorize the state's 911 Act before July 1, and to provide additional revenue to continue important reforms and modernize 911 systems statewide.

Randall Crocker
Franklin County Board chairman