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A letter to readers

Posted on 7/13/2022, 8:22 AM

Dear Randolph County Herald Tribune readers:

We regret to inform you that after at least 150 years, the Herald Tribune will cease publication with this edition, of Wednesday, July 13, 2022.

The Randolph County Herald Tribune has been a landmark newspaper in southwest Illinois since the 1800s. Today's paper carries a volume number of 159 -- if that number reflects accurate accounting since the very beginning, it means the paper's origins go back to 1863, although we don't have the hard evidence to be sure.

We do know that in 1922, the Chester Daily Tribune (1872-1922) and the Chester Herald (?-1922) were combined to form the Chester Herald-Tribune. In 1965, that paper became the Randolph County Herald-Tribune, which Paddock Publications acquired from GateHouse Media in August 2016. In July 2017, the Steeleville Ledger was folded into the Herald Tribune.

Until the sale to Paddock in 2016, Gatehouse's plan at the time was to close the Herald Tribune and several other papers in southern Illinois. We are pleased that we could give the Herald-Tribune an additional six years of life. But that doesn't make closing it now any easier.

The Herald Tribune and its predecessors have had a long and proud history of covering Chester and greater Randolph County, "where Illinois began." We are grateful to those of you who continued to find real value in the newspaper, and those who shared your news releases, photos and more with the community, through us.

Unfortunately, interest in the newspaper has been on a steady decline for many years, and today it is no longer sustainable.

Subscribers will be refunded the money left on their subscriptions within 45 days.

On behalf of the publishers, editors, reporters, photographers, advertising reps, paperboys, pressmen, office staff -- and more -- who built and sustained this proud newspaper for roughly 150 years, the Randolph County Herald Tribune bids a fond adieu.

Thank you for your support.

Stefanie Anderson

General Manager

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