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Randolph residents rank health concerns

Submitted by Randolph County Health Department
updated: 7/11/2022 9:54 AM

Randolph County has identified drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, and chronic disease prevention as priority concerns for the next five years.

In order to maintain certification, Illinois health departments are required to look at the health needs of their service area every five years. Partners from Randolph County hospitals, school districts, social service agencies, employers, and government agencies joined in this important effort. As part of the process, 327 residents from across Randolph County ranked the most worrisome issues in a survey taken over the last month.

"The survey results combined with health statistics, and the opinions of our community partners painted a very clear picture of the health challenges facing our county," said Krista Mulholland, Randolph County Health Department director.

Over the next few months multidisciplinary teams will meet to develop plans to address these challenges. The teams will begin or continue work presently being done to address these not-so-new but increasingly important problems.

For more information on how you can join one of these teams, call (618) 826-5007 (ask for Krista) or email

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