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It's a wrap: Summer school comes to close in District 300

By Renee Trappe
updated: 7/21/2021 12:53 PM

"Because of social distancing and other mitigations we didn't have as much opportunity for enrichment (classes)," Rea told the school board on Thursday.

At Du Quoin High School, 24 students were working on "credit recovery" in English, biology and algebra, and 17 of them got it done, some in multiple areas, Rea said. In all, 12 English credits were earned, along with seven science credits and four algebra credits.

At the middle school 57 students were enrolled in various subjects, Rea said, and fully 52 met the requirements to move ahead, At the elementary school, 41 out of the 48 kindergarten through fourth-graders enrolled achieved the attendance requirement and academic improvement in reading, language arts and math that will enable them to move on, she added.

Rea said the district added counseling services to the summer curriculum, which went so well they will continue doing it. All three social workers were involved in doing community outreach, she said, meeting students at school, doing home visits, or even getting together in the park.

"It was really important this year given how COVID has impacted our students socially and emotionally," Rea said. "It was a positive thing. definitely something we are going to continue."

District 300 offered a freshman science class over the summer, which will enable students to start with Biology their freshmen year, which is normally a sophomore class. They means they will get to Chemistry II and Physics their senior year, she added.

The district also held a Freshman Academy for incoming freshmen, a sort of orientation to high school.

A Junior chef Camp done in the conjunction with U of I Extension brought between 16 and 28 students to school each of the four weeks it was offered.

And the mandatory consumer economics class was offered to 24 incoming seniors, freeing their senior year for more electives and dual credit opportunities.

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