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Diederich graduates police program at Northwestern U

  • Jeff Diederich

    Jeff Diederich

Posted on 12/13/2019, 9:56 AM

Special Investigator/K-9 officer Jeffrey Diederich has graduated from Northwestern University Center for Public Safety.

The Energy Police Department is pleased to announce the recent graduation of Diederich from the School of Police Staff and Command at NU. Diederich was one of 27 students who successfully completed the 22-week Staff and Command program held in Evanston.

The SPSC provides upper-level college instruction in a total of 27 core blocks of instruction and additional optional blocks during each session. The major topics of study include leadership, human resources, employee relations organizational behavior, applied statistics, planning and policy development, budgeting, and resource allocation.

Each student is academically challenged through written examinations, projects, presentations, and quizzes in addition to a staff study paper, all required parts of the curriculum.

As many of the graduates move on to a variety of leadership positions within their respective agencies, the Energy PD anticipates a variety of benefits from Diederich's completion of this program