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Second-Hand CarTunes works on first-class sound The local ensemble brings Top 40 sounds to the Grotto

  • Second-Hand CarTunes pulls its setlists from decades of radio hits.

    Second-Hand CarTunes pulls its setlists from decades of radio hits.
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By Colleen Frease
Contributing Writer
updated: 2/1/2019 2:41 AM

There's a new band in town.

Second-Hand CarTunes is playing Feb. 8 at the Newell House Grotto Lounge.

The band plays Top 40 hits. Jermaine Bollinger is a local musician who started to help coordinate the band coming together last summer. He wanted to get a group of people together that play something different.

"I love the music that we want to play," Bollinger says. "When I went to Carbondale before, I heard a lot of blues and country. I wanted us to add something different to the mix. I want us to play music that people enjoy, but maybe they weren't already hearing when they go out. And I think together we do that."

Bollinger is lead vocalist and plays guitar. Mallory Bollinger, Jermaine's wife, plays the keys and sings as well. The dynamic duo enjoy getting to play together out at local spots where people come to have a good time.

The band primarily plays in the southern Illinois area. Although they stick close to home when performing at the moment, the group hopes to expand playing in the tri-state area.

The band plays Top 40 hits from the 1960s all the way up to today's music. Currently they have 60 songs they draw from when playing live. At the top of their list of songs to learn are mostly hits by Michael Jackson. The only real requirement for a song they learn to play is make sure it is one the audience will love to hear.

In addition to the Bollingers, other band members playing the show are Josh Morrison, Shadi Frick, Isaac Fletcher, Brendan Vaughn and Larry Robinson Jr. The band members play lead guitar, bass guitar, drums and woodwinds to help create the overall sound.

In addition to coming together from their love of music, Bollinger says all the members are SIU alumni, which helps create a sense of comradery.

"It is so awesome that we all went to SIU," Bollinger says. "We all love playing music, which helped bring us together to play. But the fact we all went to the same school just adds something special. I love playing with everyone, and the fact that we get to do it in a place as great as southern Illinois makes it even better."

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