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Sparta accident now criminal investigation

  • Courtesy MGN Online

By Pete Spitler
updated: 11/8/2017 11:28 PM

A one-vehicle accident, which resulted in fatal injuries to a 28-year-old Sparta woman, that occurred on Nov. 2 near the entrance to Walmart is now a criminal investigation.
"At this point it would be fair to classify it as a criminal investigation," said Randolph County State's Attorney Jeremy Walker. "Any fatal accident, we look at all possible avenues and most importantly, we're going to be honing in on speed and the toxicology results."
Walker stated toxicology results could take a few weeks to a month to be returned, but the accident reconstruction report - which is being conducted by the Illinois State Police - will take much longer.
"The thing that takes longer is the accident reconstruction and that typically takes six months, at a minimum," he said.
According to Sparta Police Chief Sean Lukes, his department received a 9-1-1 call at 11:16 p.m. on Nov. 2 that advised officers of a crash in the 1400 block of North Market Street.
A vehicle was reported to have left the roadway and struck a utility pole.
Tillman was a backseat passenger in the vehicle and was partially ejected from the car after it hit the pole. In a news release from Randolph County Coroner Carlos Barbour, Tillman was pronounced dead at Sparta Community Hospital at 12:25 a.m. on Nov. 3.
The Herald Tribune received a tip that Tillman was pregnant and asked Lukes if that was the case.
"That was something that was told to us by friends and relatives, but until the medical results come back, we can't confirm that at this point," he said.
Other passengers in the vehicle were 35-year-old Jenica Brimmer (of Sparta), 30-year-old Lateria Brimmer (of Sparta) and 40-year-old Chauncey Lucas (of Sparta).
Lukes was asked which of the occupants was the alleged driver.
"That's kind of up in the air right now," he said. "We're not sure who the driver was.
"There were several people in the vehicle."
The Herald Tribune was then referred to Walker's office, which is assisting the Sparta Police Department with the investigation, for more information on the accident.
"The driver, to my understanding, is Jenica Brimmer," Walker said.
Walker said one of the other occupants of the vehicle, Lucas, did leave the scene.
"He was returned to the scene by a sheriff's deputy and was cooperative," he said.
The cause of the accident remains under investigation by the SPD and Randolph County Coroner's office.
"We would be honing in on speed and toxicology as the cause of the accident and we'll see how those shake loose," Walker said.

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