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Over 100 attend Gajewski reunion

Submitted by Donna Vancil
updated: 8/14/2017 11:05 PM

The 38th-annual Gajewski Reunion was held Aug. 13 at Rend Lake with 108 in attendance.
Some of those attending received special recognition. Dorothy Suchomski of Pinckneyville was recognized as the oldest woman present and for having the most children. John Ray Bock of St. Louis was recognized for being the oldest man and for having been married the longest. James Bock III, son of Carin and James Bock Jr., of Glen Carbon, was the youngest present.
Edwin Gajewski of Scheller was the oldest present with the Gajewski name. Tim Gajewski of Centralia was the youngest present with the Gajewski name.
Gretta and Jude Albrecht of Huxley, Iowa, traveled the farthest to attend.
Charles Wagner of Evansville, Ind., was recognized for having the most grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Alec and Alyssa Lamke were recognized for being the most recently married. Louise Kabat was recognized for having the most grown children present.
Attending the reunion for the first time were Draven, Preston, Zoey and Lucien Bledsoe of Kell.
Those attending the reunion, listed by hometown were:
Ashley: Frances Hix
Bonnie: Alec and Allyssa Lamke
Centralia: Tim and Nancy Gajewski
Collinsville: Christa and Shannon Stiles
DuBois: Janet Bledsoe
Du Quoin: Liz Wynn, Haley Lamke and Ashley Jarvis
Elkville: Krystal, Kevin, Ethan, and Adrian Marlow
Glen Carbon: James, Carin, Emma, Cecilia, Genevieve and Jimmy Bock
Herrin: Steven Hall
Kell: Chris, Stephanie, Draven, Preston, Zoey and Lucien Bledsoe
Mt. Vernon: James Tolley, Karen Lamke
Opdyke: BJ and Tracy Lamke, Melody Oliver, Tyler Anderson
Pinckneyville: Dorothy Suchomski, Johnnie Keigley, Mallory Lamke, Blake, Amia, and Cash Brodbeck, Blaine Griffin
Scheller: Donna and Gary Vancil, Sharmin, Caitlin, and Steve Wagner, Marie Wyciskalla, Jason and Cheryl Presswood, Ben, Chase and Callen Newborn, Leslie Tubbs, Joe, Nicole, Laurel, Piper, and Leland Wynn, Walter and Janice Wagner, Lois and Bobby Herzing, Melvin and Louise Kabat, James, Tina, Logan and Lucas Hall, David, Mary, Adam, Sarah, and Clara Kozuszek, Edwin, Cathy, Hunter and Emma Gajewski, John, Marcia, Alicia Kabat, Martin Ward, Avery and Erika Kitowski
Sesser: Mary Lou Bowlin, Linda Roberts
Tamaroa: Georgia, Kelsey and James Lamke, Paityn Synder
Ballwin, Mo.: Perry Sigwerth
Evansville, Ind.: Charles and Wanda Wagner, Lena Blair
Green Park, Mo.: Jon Bock
Huxley, Iowa: Gretta and Jude Albrecht
Janesville, Wis.: Chris Armes
O'Fallon, Mo.: Robert, Colleen, Nathan and Shannon Bock
St. Charles, Mo.: Gilles, Amanda, Adele, Clara, and Elisa Gamper
St. Louis, Mo.: John Ray Bock, Jeanne and Scott Leicht, Marilyn Huberl, Janelle Leicht, Josh Kratz
The group enjoyed a potluck lunch. The afternoon was spent visiting and taking pictures. Due to school starting earlier, the reunion has been moved to the first Sunday of August. Next year's reunion will be Aug. 5th.

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