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A photo gallery of the Christopher High School Class of 2017 - all 51 graduates

  • Brooke Akers

    Brooke Akers

  • Paige Arondelli

    Paige Arondelli

  • Savanah Cobin

    Savanah Cobin

  • Ronnie Curry

    Ronnie Curry

  • Johanna Davis

    Johanna Davis

  • Andrew Dunford

    Andrew Dunford

  • Athena Flint

    Athena Flint

  • Sophia Flint

    Sophia Flint

  • Kyle Gares

    Kyle Gares

  • Luke Garver

    Luke Garver

  • Alyssa Girten

    Alyssa Girten

  • Madeline Gossett

    Madeline Gossett

  • Nicholas Hale

    Nicholas Hale

  • Kelsey Hasty

    Kelsey Hasty

  • Taylor Hawkins

    Taylor Hawkins

  • Jena Holden

    Jena Holden

  • Michael Holt

    Michael Holt

  • Whittney Hoppers

    Whittney Hoppers

  • Noah Huff

    Noah Huff

  • Stephanie Isom

    Stephanie Isom

  • Brennen Kelley

    Brennen Kelley

  • Alva Kelly

    Alva Kelly

  • Wesley Laxton

    Wesley Laxton

  • Camryn Maloney

    Camryn Maloney

  • Joshua Martin

    Joshua Martin

  • Shane McCowen

    Shane McCowen

  • Derek Mueller

    Derek Mueller

  • Tyler Nuss

    Tyler Nuss

  • Hailey Parrish

    Hailey Parrish

  • Kaeleb Pedigo

    Kaeleb Pedigo

  • Colton Phillips

    Colton Phillips

  • Korteney Prather

    Korteney Prather

  • Taylor Presutti

    Taylor Presutti

  • Katlyn Reese

    Katlyn Reese

  • Huel Reynolds

    Huel Reynolds

  • Tessa Robertson,

    Tessa Robertson,

  • Gabriel Schimpf

    Gabriel Schimpf

  • Madilyn Severs

    Madilyn Severs

  • Amber Shaffer

    Amber Shaffer

  • Aron Simpkins

    Aron Simpkins

  • Zachary Snell

    Zachary Snell

  • Delmer Tindall

    Delmer Tindall

  • Karlena Tucker

    Karlena Tucker

  • Joshua Underwood

    Joshua Underwood

  • Cody Wakefield

    Cody Wakefield

  • Alexis Walters

    Alexis Walters

  • Deja Whaley

    Deja Whaley

  • Wardell Williams III

    Wardell Williams III

  • Megan Wilson

    Megan Wilson

  • Callie Young

    Callie Young

Posted on 6/7/2017, 1:00 AM

Congratulations to the graduates of Christopher High School. Meet all 51 of them here.

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