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Lack of signatures keeps candidates off ballot

Daily Herald News Service
Posted on 8/30/2016, 3:28 AM

The campaigns of four southern Illinois third-party and independent candidates ended in recent days after state election officials decided they didn’t qualify for a spot on November’s ballot.

One result: Democratic state Rep. John Bradley of Marion and Republican Dave Severin of Benton will fight their campaign for Illinois House alone.

Libertarian candidate Scott Schluter of Marion was removed from the race, as was Tea Party candidate Robert Harner of Pittsburg, according to state campaign records.

"The operating procedure of the status quo is to limit the choices put in front of the people," Schluter said. "That's how they maintain control."

The Illinois State Board of Elections decided in both cases that the candidates didn’t have enough petition signatures to get on the November ballot.

In Illinois, third-party candidates and independents have to turn in far more signatures than Democrats and Republicans.

Also removed from a race was independent Bubba Harsy of Du Quoin, who had signed up to challenge state Rep. Jerry Costello, a Smithton Democrat. Now, Costello doesn’t have an opponent.

And independent Dan Silver of Alto Pass was removed in his bid to run for Illinois House against Republican Rep. Terri Bryant of Murphysboro and Democratic challenger Marsha Griffin of Jonesboro.

Despite the moves in Illinois House races, Libertarian candidate for president Gary Johnson and Green Party hopeful Jill Stein are set to remain on the state ballot.

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