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High-energy Nitro Circus takes over Rent One Park Sunday

  • Gravity-defying BMX riders fly high above the circus tent.

    Gravity-defying BMX riders fly high above the circus tent.
    Courtesy of Nitro Circus

Submitted by Thrill One Sports & Entertainment
updated: 9/1/2022 2:00 PM

For nearly six months, the mad scientists at Nitro Circus were hard at work creating an electrifying all-new show, "Good, Bad & Rad," presented by ASHOC Energy for their North American fans.

And now, the new show is coming to Rent One Park in Marion, at 7 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 4. Tickets start at $49. Visit

The thrill-loving daredevils, led by Ryan "R-Willy" Williams and Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham, throw down on a dynamic new stage set that offers fans an even better view of the action. In addition to the fan favorites, "Good, Bad & Rad" also shines a spotlight on new talent.

The new show features the A SHOC Fun Box, where athletes first have to jump 30 feet into the air to land on a small platform suspended in mid-air, then attempt flips and spins before dropping down to hit the lander below. Nitro Circus has also pit bike jousting, where riders will do combat -- Nitro style - on compact dirt bikes more in the spirit of mid-Evel Knievel than the Middle Ages.

The Nitro Circus crew will feed their need for speed with exciting new contraptions like a fighter jet and a flying pig. Nitro's FMX superstars will also hit the larger Next Gen ramp setup for increased hang time in the air - allowing them to try even bigger and more complex tricks.

"I'm so excited to hit the road with this insane new show," says R-Willy Williams. "We've been working closely with the production team to create some truly insane new show elements.

"Judging by the first crowd reactions they will be just as much fun for fans to see as they are sketchy for us to attempt! But without any risk there wouldn't be any reward, and this new stage set lets us go even bigger than ever before."

Nitro Circus has delivered some of the biggest moments in action sports for the past 15 years, yet the brand was born to humble beginnings in 2003. Travis Pastrana and friends got on this crazy train by selling self-made DVDs filled with antics at once outrageously skillful, debateably sane, yet undeniably entertaining, all produced from a Utah, USA garage.

Since then, the company has exploded; producing hit television shows, releasing a 3D movie worldwide, establishing a live touring phenomenon that continues to travel across multiple continents each year, and creating a world-renowned action sports competition.

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