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Cuts and explanations wanted

Posted on 10/8/2015, 2:27 PM

It has been over a year since I wrote my last "Letter to the Editor." In my absence there have been changes in the Benton Evening News front office staff who I believe will print both views of a story.

In May of 2015, two council members were sworn in, Fred Kondritz and David Moore; these two men evidently want to save money as they have suggested moving the police dispatcher to West City from the Franklin County Jail on East Main Street. Commissioner Wyant voted with Moore and Kondritz to move the dispatching. Commissioners Baumgarte and Miller voted "No" to the move and to saving money. Commissioner Miller is the finance commissioner, so we would like to hear his reason for his "No" vote. Commissioner Baumgarte is over the water and sewer department, which has raised our sewer bills, and probably there will be more raises. So why did he vote "No"?

The village of West City has capable dispatchers, as one was working for Benton when then City Commissioner J.R. Moore spearheaded the move of the dispatchers to the County Jail, as he worked for the county and wanted to be sheriff. Are Miller and Baumgarte going to make cuts in their departments to save, as David Moore has suggested in his?

Albert Smith, Benton

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