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Norm Hill to retire as assistant fair manager

John H. Croessman
updated: 10/6/2015 11:57 PM

The retirement of longtime Du Quoin State Fair Assistant Manager Norm Hill on Dec. 31 leaves both a gaping hole in the fair’s staffing, but moreover is historically significant.
Norm, husband to Carole Hayes Hill, is the fair’s last link  to the W.R. Hayes family, including sons Don and Gene Hayes.
He is greatly respected as the son of Babe Hill and the late Dorothy Hill, and fully understands and appreciates how much of the fair’s great heritage fulls on the shoulders of he and wife Carole.
Hill said over the weekend that he has appreciated the opportunities that have been afforded him and, in return, has given his all to the fair’s daily operation. To his credit he has tried to insulate himself from the politics as administrations have changed.
He will use some of his available vacation time to accomplish a second hip replacement in November.

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