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Pouf it up!

Versatile decor piece can be seating, surface or just for looks

By Melissa Erickson
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Posted on 9/4/2015, 5:56 PM

The "it" accessory of the interior design world -- poufs -- are trending, and for good reason. Their adaptability makes them the perfect accessory for any room.
"Much like fashion, interior design is cyclical, and poufs have definitely come back into popularity over the past three to five years," said interior designer Lindsay Speace of Lindsay Speace Interior Design in Washington, D.C.
"Poufs are the perfect way to add color, pattern and texture to a room, and they're incredibly versatile," said design enthusiast Kris Jarrett, blogger at Driven by Decor. "Place a pouf in front of your favorite chair to use as an ottoman, add a small tray to the top of a pouf to turn it into a side table, or scatter several poufs around a low table for casual seating.
"There's been an explosion in the range of styles that are available, with poufs in interesting shapes and textures like woven jute, chunky knits, velvets and cowhide gaining popularity," Jarrett said.
What are they?
From bold patterns and vibrant colors to more subtle hues and sophisticated silhouettes, the pouf fits any decor style.
"The most iconic style is the Moroccan leather pouf -- a squat rounded pouf available in a rainbow of colored and metallic leathers. For a more organic look, you might consider a pouf wrapped in a natural fiber like jute or banana leaf," Speace said.
Want to shake up your style without making major changes? A pouf is the way to go.
"They're also a great opportunity to inject color and pattern into a space since the financial commitment is much less than with larger pieces of upholstery or window treatments," Speace said. Poufs are also soft and portable, easy to move and they won't scratch your hardwood floors.

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