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CORRECTED: Few contested races in April 7 General Election

By Jon Sternberg,
Posted on 3/11/2015, 11:06 AM

The General Election is April 7. On the ballot are candidates for municipalities, school boards, Southeastern Illinois College Board, park districts and library districts.

The City of Eldorado has few candidates, all incumbents and none contested. Rocky D. James is the sole candidate for mayor.

Sitting Eldorado Commissioners Jeff Miner, Bob Briddick, Robert B. Price and Tim McGrath all are running for re-election for the four available seats.

Harrisburg has a large slate of candidates. Mayor Dale Fowler is the only candidate for mayor while Natalie Miller, Ron Fearheiley, John McPeek, Ryan Lambert, Linda Mitacek, Richard D. Harper, Steven Larry Reed, Beth Simpson Montfort, Charles F. Will, Mike Weirach, Michael L. Smith and Wayne Horstmann are running for the four available commissioner seats.

For Village of Carrier Mills Village Trustee there are only two candidates for three seats, Tracy Felty and Bill Jensik. For the Village of Galatia Village Trustee positions are three candidates for three seats, Kenneth Clark, Darlene Higgins, Stephen Sloan.

Village of Muddy President has a single candidate, John Maxwell Molinarolo. For Muddy Village Trustee are three candidates for three seats, Mary L. Potter, Matt A. Molinarolo, John Vincent Molinarolo.

Village of Raleigh Village Trustee race has five candidates for three seats including Vince Talkington, Paul Bishop, Justin Maloney, Ollie Brown and Aaron Whitlock.

Village of Stonefort has two candidates for the village president seat, Ronald “Ron” Howard and George Jackson.

The Village of Stonefort Village Trustee has five candidates for five seats, three being four-year terms and two two-year terms. For the four-year term are James Milburn, Sue Field, Floyd Craig. For the two-year year term are William “Bill” Presley and Monty Dunn.

For Harrisburg Park District Park Commissioner are two candidates for two seats, Richard Rumsey and Michael Williams.

Carrier Mills-Stonefort Public Library District Library Trustee’s race has two candidates for two seats, Louise Killman, Karen Shaw.

Eldorado Memorial Public Library District Library Trustee’s race has two candidates for two seats, Sheila Baird and Mike Vessell.

The Galatia Public Library District Library Trustee race has two candidates for two seats has a single candidate, Linda Mays.

The Harrisburg Public Library District Trustee race has two candidates for two seats, Joseph F. Ewing and Gary Jones.

Carrier Mills-Stonefort Community Unit School District 2 Board Member has six candidates for four seats, William Clay Nolen, Zach Rister, Michael Shane Parks, John Whiting, Sherryl Case and Ryan J. Beck.

The Eldorado Community Unit School District 4 Board Member race has five candidates running for the two East Eldorado Township seats, Stacy L. James, Trudy Etienne, John D. Cooley, Jason V. Kaiser, Stanley Walters. For the single remaining Congressional Township race is Preston Justice.

Galatia Community School District 1 Board Member for unexpired two-year term is a single candidate, Robert (B.J.) Pigg. Board Member candidates for four-year terms include three for three seats, Aaron Allen, Bryan McCabe and Joy Richey.

In the Gallatin County Community School District 7 four-year term race are three candidates for four seats, Wesley J. Henson, Steve Galt and Olivia Bradley.

Harrisburg Community School District 3 Board Member candidate for an unexpired two year term is Billy G. Smith. For the four-year term are in Harrisburg Township are two candidates for two seats, Jeffrey Drake and Ryan Lambert. For remaining Congressional Townships is a single candidate, Chris Penrod.

In the Southeastern Illinois Community College District 533 race for six-year terms, are three candidates for three seats, Richard Allen Morgan, Blake Bradley and David L. Dennison. For the unexpired two-year term are two candidates for two seats, Shirley Fearheiley and Debra “Debbie” Black Hughes.

Harrisburg School District voters will vote on the following referendum for a bond issue to reconstruction and renovation of the portions of Harrisburg High School in the worst state of repair.

The question, as phrased on the ballot, is: “Shall Harrisburg Community Unit School District Number 3, Saline County, Illinois, be authorized to issue $15,000,000 general obligation alternate bonds of said School District to demolish, reconstruct, renovate, alter, repair and equip a portion of the Harrisburg High School Buildings and renovate, alter, repair and equip other portions of such buildings, and improve the sites thereof, as provided for by the resolution adopted by the Board of Education of said School District on the 18th day of November, 2014, said bonds being payable from collections distributed to the District from those taxes imposed by The County of Saline, Illinois, pursuant to the County School Facility Occupation Tax Law of the State of Illinois, as amended, unless said revenue source is insufficient to pay said bonds, in which case ad valorem property taxes upon all taxable property in said School District without limitation as to rate or amount are authorized to be extended for such purpose?

Due to a reporter’s error, Stanley Walter’s name was omitted as a candidate for Eldorado Community District 4 Board of Education. The correction is made in this story.

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