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City to sell industrial/commercial property near prison

Posted on 3/11/2015, 9:00 AM

The Pinckneyville City Council approved advertising for sale a 27.7 acre property which was purchased during the land buy for the prison, but was not needed by Pinckneyville Correctional Center.

The land is near the industrial park and has been leased to a local farmer for many years. It is west of Bunting Road, north of Kiwi Road and south of the railroad tracks.

The council agreed to sell the property only for industrial/commercial use. Bidders must explain what they plan to do with the property, how much their project will cost and how many jobs will be created.

Bids will be opened at the Monday, April 13 meeting of the city council.

Mike Kovic asked the council if they would like him to begin the process of re-zoning the land for industrial/commercial use. It was zoned industrial/commercial/agricultural by the county zoning ordinance. The city's zoning is different.

Kovic said he is working with City Attorney Roger Seibert to make changes to the zoning ordinance that will allow the zoning board to make decisions and the council to serve only as an appeals board. There are additional modifications to the zoning ordinance in the works, including other zoning changes and changes to the sign ordinance.

Changing the zoning on a property requires a public hearing. Kovic said he would like to package all such actions together so multiple hearings aren't necessary.

Seibert told Kovic that he would have the changes to the ordinance finished this week for examination by the zoning board. The council can then act on the board's recommendation.

In other business, the council:

• approved Fire Chief Jim Gielow's request to hire Brad Thornton and Andrew Lipe as firefighters. The rural fire department had already approved both candidates.

• granted permission for the PCHS shooting team to hold their second annual 5K run on May 2, leaving from the Perry County Fairgrounds and traveling to Shotgun Alley on Dalmatian Road then returning to the fairgrounds.

• passed a resolution approving the park maintenance contract go to the low bidder, Garner Mowing for $14,400 for the year.

• passed resolutions extending the current mowing contracts for Collin Hirsch, Jim Miller, Richard Nowakowski and Bahre Mowing at their current rate for one year.

• passed a resolution urging Gov. Bruce Rauner and the General Assembly not to cut funding to local governments.

• awarded farming contracts for two years to high bidders Steve Epplin- $163/ per acre for 80 acres, Bigham Farm Partners- $157 per acre for 68 acres and Ed Bruns- $102.10 per acre for 66 acres. The leases had not been re-bid in approximately 10 years. The new contracts bring in two or three times what the old contracts did.

• approved an engineering agreement with HMG Engineers to make revisions to the city's dam emergency action plan as required by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and Federal Emergency Management Agency. Commissioner David Stone said the city turned in an action plan in late 2014, but was told it needs to be revised. The plan explains how the city would notify the affected public in case of a catastrophic failure at the dam.

• placed on file for public inspection the motor fuel tax program supply low bidders. Ilini Asphalt had the low bid for oil at $2,295 per gallon for 15,000 gallons and CA-16 chip at $26.95 for 750 tons. Barr Trucking had the low bid for CA-06 material at $8.44 for 1,000 tons, bituminous patching mixture at $60.15 per ton for 100 tons and BAM patch mix at $60.15 per ton for 100 tons. Beelman Ready Mix was the low bidder for concrete at $80 per yard for 250 cubic yards.

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