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Hay fire, dog, ATV thefts reported

Posted on 1/21/2015, 11:06 AM

Saline County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a spat of odd theft and a hay bail burning that have occurred in recent days.

Chief Deputy Ken Clore said a strange case of arson was reported on Droit Road in the Galatia area over the weekend. Two hay bales of the circular variety were partially burned in an attempt to set them both on fire.

“We have had similar reports around the area in recent months,” Clore said.

The department is investigating two dog thefts.

A report of a missing dog turned suspicious when the dog’s owner found photos of an identical dog on a Webster County, Ky. “rescue kennel’s” Website. When the owner told the kennel that it was most likely his dog and that the dog had been stolen days before the posted photos of the dog were taken down from the website and the website reported the dog had been adopted, according to a Saline County Sheriff’s report. The owner is suspicious of foul play.

A shitzu was reported stolen in Carrier Mills over the weekend and Facebook entries may have led to its location. According to a sheriff’s report, the dog was mentioned in a Facebook post and led to a girl stating her friend had just acquired a similar animal. Investigation is still pending.

Two four wheel recreational off road vehicles were reported stolen over the weekend from 67770 Galatia Road. One was a blue 2006 Honda TRX 250 TE and the other was a green 1997 Honda 300 Fourtrax. The vehicles were parked outside due to home remodeling.

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