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Vote recount finds all requested totals valid

Posted on 12/17/2014, 10:52 AM

The recount of selected precincts from the November Saline County Elections was completed Monday with no changes.

The attorney representing the Republicans was happy with the process when she left, according to Supervisor of Elections and County Clerk Kim Buchanan.

“There is no change (in the results),” said Buchanan.

“The Republican attorney said she was satisfied. Every total was exactly what it should have been.”

Saline County Republican Party Chairman Bob Holmes had filed a Petition for Discovery Recount on behalf of Mike Gribble and Jeff Street, who were Republican candidates for sheriff and county board trustee, respectively. The petition requested a manual recount of ballots and access to any computer files in County Clerk’s office which had election records on them.

The vote was close. The sheriff’s race involved a difference of 24 votes in Keith Brown’s favor. In a two-year unexpired seat on the county board the difference was 10 votes in Mike McKinnies’ favor.

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