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Sheriff Brown retains office by 19 votes

Posted on 11/19/2014, 10:24 AM

The elections office in Saline County Courthouse was tense Tuesday at 4 p.m. Tuesday as the ballots were canvassed.

Two judge-appointed elections judges, one Democrat, one Republican were in the final stretch of the 2014 election of the Saline County Sheriff.

In the end, Keith Brown retained his office by 19 votes with 3,996 to Gribble’s 3,977.

Election night there were 191 ballots still in question with Brown ahead of Gribble by 24 votes. Of those 191, 156 were late absentee votes, meaning someone requested to vote absentee, but the County Clerk’s office had not received their ballots. Those received with a postmark of Nov. 3 would be counted, but those with postmark Nov. 4 or later were not.

Of absentee ballots received by Election Day, 35 were rejected. Buchanan said these were ballots received that either were not placed in the proper certified envelope or that contained a questionable signature on the ballot or certified envelope. On Nov. 5 the County Clerk’s office was to mail 35 cards to those whose absentee ballots were in question and those voters had until 4 p.m. Nov. 18 to visit the office in person and prove to election judges they did indeed vote that ballot.

Brown could not be reached for comment by press time. He will serve another four years.

"We appreciate those who went out and voted. It was hard fought campaign on both sides," said Brown.

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