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Mary Jane Craft first caucused-in candidate to win Perry County seat

Posted on 11/6/2014, 9:00 AM

Perry County Republican treasurer-elect Mary Jane Craft should be congratulated on several levels after Tuesday’s election.

Not only does she take this important position as a woman, but she takes it as a last minute candidate who did not follow the traditional path into office. She was caucused into the race by a vote of the Perry County Republican Central Committee AFTER the filing deadlines had all ended and the primary election had already been held.

Craft was caucused onto the ballot in early June when no Republican candidate filed in the March 2014 Primary Election. She had only five months to campaign and went from an unknown in politics to well-known. At her side throughout the campaign was her husband, Jim Craft, a lineman for Ameren.

Republican Central Committee Chairman Bruce Morgenstern commented, "Mary Jane Craft is a quality candidate whose credentials and track record in business and public service make her a great fit for the treasurer's position."

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