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Eight elected to Saline County Board

Posted on 11/5/2014, 1:42 AM

The Saline County Board race resulted in five Republicans and three Democrats elected to office.

Unofficial election night results show seats for full four-year terms on the board going to Republican Carey Harbison with 4,592 votes, Republican Joe Jackson with 3,849, Democrat Jay Williams with 3,728, Republican Jeff Murrie with 3,341, Democrat Brandon Henshaw 3,330 and Republican Karla Carrigan with 3,318.

Defeated were Democrat Roger Angelly with 3,265 votes, Republican Rod Wallace with 3,192, Democrat Greg Segraves with 3,125, Republican Jonathan Prather with 3,021 and Democrat Katie Clayton with 1,851.

The unexpired two-year term seats went to Republican Allan Porter with 3,373 votes and Democrat Mike McKinnies with 3,084.

Jeff Street was defeated with 3,064 votes as was Kelly Hefner with 2,986.

County Clerk Kim Buchanan said she was pleased with voter turnout, describing as “phenomenal” that 51 percent of voters turned submitted ballots.

Kelly Hefner said he was pleased the race was a clean one.

“For county board it was pretty clean, no mud-slinging and that’s a good thing,” Hefner said.

Jeff Murrie agreed and encouraged more people to put in bid for seats in a county or municipal board.

“It has been a good clean race, but it’s been pretty intense,” Murrie said.

“I also think everybody should serve on something like this one time, the city or county.”

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