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Summer scammers reported

Posted on 6/29/2014, 6:10 PM

Saline County Sheriff Keith Brown says in recent days telephone scams and house maintenance scams have been reported to his office.

Telephone scammers have been impersonating agencies or family members trying to convince people of their legitimacy. Brown says recipients of calls should anticipate such calls may be fraudulent and not provide information until contacting those being impersonated directly.

Also this is the time of year for an annual scam attempt involving strangers offering help at the home.

A common practice involves a company offering unsolicited help with coating an asphalt driveway. Such fraudulent companies may do a poor job and then raise the price initially quoted, becoming aggressive when the homeowner questions the higher price.

Brown said Harrisburg requires contractors sign permits to operate in the area. People in other areas should check out the unsolicited company’s reputation before agreeing for the work to be done. Brown said individuals at such fraudulent companies may ask to enter the home to use the bathroom to search for prescription medication or other items to steal.

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