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Perry County Sheriff's Department is helping Houston PD with cold case

Posted on 5/30/2014, 9:00 AM

Perry County Sheriff Keith Kellerman’s staff is working with the Houston, Tex. Police Department and the Harris County, Tex. state’s attorney’s office to solve a 23-year-old sexual assault which may involve a man by the name of Daniel Davison who was charged and convicted of rape in Perry County in 1982. Davison was sentenced to six years in prison. He was later arrested again in Du Quoin by then-Chief of Police Jim Booker and officer David Suttle for disorderly conduct.

Houston authorities have reopened their case after DNA found on the child after the assault in May 1991 matched Davison’s DNA in a national data base search in October 2013.

Houston police contacted Kellerman about providing any old arrest and court files. The staff found Davison’s file, including old ink-on-paper fingerprints. They are scanning that fingerprint file and providing it to Houston police.

Kellerman said police wanted it for “an upcoming trial.” But, Houston authorities indicated Davison is not yet back in custody.

Records in Houston say Davison saw the girl at a hotel pool in Houston, followed her back to a nearby apartment, broke into the apartment and assaulted her. An arrest warrant was issued for Davison.

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