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March 18 primary by the numbers

Josh Gross
Posted on 3/10/2014, 9:00 AM

Number of voting opportunities: early voting, absentee voting, general election voting?

The voting schedule is set by the state and stays very similar from election to election. We began absentee voting in my office on Feb. 6 and will continue up until March 15. To accommodate as many voters as possible we do stay open to vote on Saturday March 15 and conduct an early voting night in Du Quoin on the evening on March 11 at City Hall.


Number of votes cast ahead of time for the primary?

At his time we currently have 184 ballots that have been either cast or requested. We are currently well ahead of where we usually are during a non-presidential General Primary Election.


Number of precinct locations for this election?

We did consolidate some polling places in January. We have taken our number of polling places down from 18 to 15. This more was designed to make voting easier for the public as well as more cost effective for Perry County.


Number of election judges it takes for this election?

We will be using 81 election Judges, We are required to use three per precinct for the General Primary Election. I am also partnering with District 300 and District 101 to add an additional two student judges to assist with the voting on the touchscreen voting machines.


Number of ballots printed for this election?

To prepare for this election we have printed 3,175 Democratic ballots, 1825 Republican Ballots and 81 Federal only ballots. Those ballot numbers are based off of the amount of votes cast last Primary election. We are making a major push to direct voters to the touchscreen voting machines. If successful this will allow us to print less and less ballots in future elections saving Perry County thousands.

Number of ballots likely to be cast in this election?

This is a very difficult election to predict. Last Primary we received 2532 votes and back in 2010 we received 3710 votes. With the much heated sheriffs race and the important 115 State Representative race we are anticipating a turnout similar to 2010.


Number of voting machines that have to be prepped, tested and loaded for this election?

We use 15 Optical Scan machine(OS for short)--one at each polling place. They are used to read the paper ballots. We also use 28 Touchscreen voting machines; they are spread among the polling places based on amount of voters using the specific polling places.


Number of days until an election will be certified?

Our Official State Canvass will be turned in to the state on April 1 2014. That action makes all results official.


Number of days until the candidates move from the primary to the general election?

The Primary winners will have 217 days to campaign prior to the Nov. 4 election


Number of dollars it takes to host an election like this so the electorate's right to vote is again secure and franchised?

This is a very difficult question to answer. The easiest answer I can provide is the 2014 budget for Elections is $157,000. That amount is expected to cover election materials, salaries, and software vendors needed to run a smooth seamless election. My personal goal is to finish the fiscal year well below that number however large portions of that are fixed costs.

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