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Prosecution of sex assault awaits further evidence

By Jon Sternberg, Contributing Writer
Posted on 2/13/2014, 5:59 PM

The Saline County States Attorney in late January filed a motion to nolle prosequi with leave to reinstate in the sexual assault case of Jordon Ray Patterson, 27, Harrisburg.
Patterson was charged in October of 2013 with aggravated criminal sexual assault against a patient in Turner Manor care facility, according to court documents.
A motion to nolle prosequi is a legal term which means “unwillingness to persue.” The use of this motion in the context of common law criminal prosecution reflects a prosecutor’s decision to voluntary discontinue criminal charges, either before trial or before a verdict is rendered. The addition of “leave to reinstate” allows the prosecutor to renew criminal prosecution if more or better evidence develops.
Patterson was an employee of Turner Manor in December of 2012. Turner Manor was a care facility which provided an assisted living residential service for mentally challenged individuals.
Turner Manor went out of business in late 2013 and Coleman Tri-County Services took over the facility on Jan. 1, 2014.
Assistant States Attorney Jason Olson says investigation into the case is continuing and prosecution would be reinstated if further evidence arises.

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