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Scam artists pose as imperiled family member

Staff Report
Posted on 2/4/2014, 5:09 PM

A Harrisburg woman is warning residents of a scam in which people call impersonating a family member in peril.
Peggy Lloyd said she should have been alarmed to have received a call from someone saying he was her grandson, he had been struck by a car and was in a New York jail. She should have been alarmed, but wasn't since the caller sounded nothing like her grandson — an eighth-grader in Harrisburg.
The caller continued the attempted ruse though Lloyd told him she didn't believe a word he was saying.
"He said an attorney would be calling. Another man called and said he was a legal aid attorney," Lloyd said.
The two told Lloyd she needed to send $1,200 to bond her grandson out of jail. Lloyd notified the initial caller he was an extremely poor actor and that she would be calling the police, which she did and an officer listened in on the second call, she said.

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