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Drugs in ex-sheriff's cell were anti-depressants

Jim Suhr, Associated Press
updated: 12/5/2012 4:37 PM

Federal prosecutors say drugs found in the jail cell of a former Illinois sheriff awaiting resentencing in a drug and foiled murder-for-hire case were anti-depressants he got illegally from other inmates at the federal lockup where he'd been housed.

But prosecutor James Cutchin says one of the drugs discovered Oct. 30 in Raymond Martin's cell in Williamson County wasn't cocaine as originally suspected. Cutchin says lab results showed it was an anti-depressant that field testing falsely showed as cocaine.

Prosecutors expect to note the drug find in pushing for a harsh punishment for the former Gallatin County sheriff when he's resentenced Friday in Benton. Martin had been sentenced to two life terms before an appellate court ordered the new sentencing hearing.

Martin's attorney says he'll address the matter in court.

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