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Arson charged in S. Granger St. trailer fires

By Brian DeNeal |
updated: 10/25/2012 1:58 PM

A Harrisburg man has been charged with the burning of two trailers on South Granger Street early morning.

Daniel Robert Roark, 61, 70 W. Lighthouse Road, Harrisburg, was charged with arson which carries a cash bond amount of $5,000.

Roark was served the arrest warrant while already incarcerated at the Saline County Detention Center on a charge of criminal damage to government property. Firefighters arrived to extinguish the burning trailers at 212 S. Granger St. and 214 S. Granger St. at 2:20 a.m. Saturday. Later that morning about 7 a.m. Roark is accused of having gone to the Saline County Law Enforcement and Detention Center lobby, stopping up the men’s bathroom with paper towels, turning on the water and leaving it, according to the sheriff’s office.

The water damaged the carpet in the nearby Saline County State’s Attorney’s Office, the small courtroom and pooled water on the tile floor of the lobby requiring.

The 212 S. Granger St. trailer had formerly been the residence of Roark’s wife, Debbie. Debbie was arrested June 28, accused of arson in the setting of the fire at 210 S. Granger St. which Daniel Roark had been living in.

According to the fire report the Saturday fire at 212 S. Granger St. caused the trailer next door at 214 S. Granger St. to also catch fire. Both trailers were vacant at the time of the fires.

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