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Five questions with ... Sarah Hobbs of Marion

  • Sarah Hobbs

    Sarah Hobbs
    Kristin Moore photo

By Kristin Moore
Contributing writer
Posted on 5/9/2018, 1:00 AM

Q. What is your favorite TV show, and why?

I love "The Americans" -- it's suspenseful and I see a lot of parallels between the Cold War and now.

Q. Speaking of international relations, what is your take on North Korea's friendly approach with South Korea?

Honestly, I think it is too early to tell ... making it hard to have a definite opinion.

Q. Do you think President Trump will be impeached before his term expires?

Again, I think it's hard to answer that. A lot happens in office before it's made public.

Q. What do you want from Illinois' leadership?

I want our leadership to be more people-oriented.

Q. Did you watch the Kentucky Derby, and did you have a favorite horse?

I have watched it before but no I did not watch it this year.