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Severin will run for re-election to 117th Dist.

  • Dave Severin

    Dave Severin

Posted on 8/21/2019, 1:50 PM

BENTON -- State Representative Dave Severin (R-Benton) announced in an emailed statement Tuesday that he will seek a third term in the Illinois House, representing the 117th District. Nominating petitions will begin circulating shortly after Labor Day for the 2020 Primary Election. The winner of the March 2020 Primary Election will go on to run in the November 2020 General Election.

Severin, a small-business owner, and former Benton school board president, was first elected to the State House in November 2016. Severin believes he has earned a third term in the House because his legislative record reflects the priorities and values of the people of the district.

The legislator's statement read: "During the previous legislative session, I voted no on the graduated income tax hike proposal, no on unrestricted taxpayer funding for abortion at any stage of pregnancy, no on far-reaching gun-grabbing legislation that would require the fingerprinting of every law-abiding gun owner, no on legalizing recreational cannabis, and no on allowing inmates incarcerated in the Cook County jail to vote during the next election," Severin said.

"My voting record reflects the values of the majority of the people in my district, and I believe I have the best chance to win and stop the Madigan-Pritzker agenda in November 2020. I have also voted no on Mike Madigan for Speaker of the House every chance I've had. I will never vote for Madigan for Speaker. 40-plus years is enough!"

Severi's statement added that he is the best candidate to fight the passage of further Chicago Democrat-led radical policy changes in Springfield.

"I am humbled to have received tremendous support from the people of the 117th district since my I first announced that I would seek this office," Severin said. "My motto has been service-over-self, and I have worked hard to live up to that creed. Serving Southern Illinois in Springfield is a privilege that I take very seriously. I believe my candidacy offers the people of the 117th district the best opportunity to choose a Representative that will promote and defend Southern Illinois values and stand strong on conservative principles."