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Saluki Athletics unveils new logo

  • SIU Sports Information

By SIU Sports Information
updated: 3/1/2019 12:43 PM

Southern Illinois University and Saluki Athletics unveiled a new, official logo on Thursday, replacing the existing mark that has represented the brand since 2001. The new logo refreshes the traditional Saluki "dog head" with a cleaner, streamlined appearance.

"The Saluki is unique throughout collegiate athletics," said SIU Director of Athletics Jerry Kill. "Our goal with the new logo was to retain the original look and feel of the Saluki, while giving it a sleeker, modern feel. There are exciting changes happening within Saluki Athletics and Southern Illinois University as a whole, and the new logo is symbolic of the progress we intend to make."

The logo is a product of the partnership between Southern Illinois University and IMG College Licensing and was more than two years in development.

"We are excited about the new logo and what it means for the future of the Salukis brand," said Denise Lamb, Vice President of Partner Services for IMG. "The updated, streamlined approach stays true to the history and tradition of SIU while meeting the increased demand for flexibility across digital and social platforms that is needed by top universities."


Who designed the new logo?

The logo was designed by Torch Creative, a Dallas-based design studio with a focus on branding, logo design and development, illustration and typography design. Torch Creative has worked with numerous college and professional sports teams and conferences, as well as non-sports organizations and companies across the United States.

What was the process and timeline for the redesign?

Discussions concerning a new logo began in 2016, under former Director of Athletics Tommy Bell. Torch Creative was selected for the project based upon the firm's history of developing unique collegiate athletic logos. The firm researched the history of the Salukis and presented ideas and sketches to the University. A broad spectrum of University employees and community members provided feedback during the design phase until the final version was approved by Director of Athletics Jerry Kill and the Chancellor's Office in the Fall of 2018.

What was the design cost of the new logo?

Both Saluki Athletics and IMG College Licensing, the University's exclusive licensing agency, committed funds toward the project. Saluki Athletics paid Torch Creative $3,450 for the creation of an official SIU Saluki type font. IMG College Licensing paid Torch Creative $10,000 for logo design services. Note: the SIU-IMG partnership renewal agreement in 2017 included a $12,000 signing bonus for Saluki Athletics to cover costs associated with the new logo.

Why a new logo?

The last revision of the Saluki logo was introduced in 2001. It has a dated appearance and had fallen out of favor as the primary athletic mark, having been replaced in most instances by the bullet "SIU" mark. The new logo is modern and sleek, easy to reproduce digitally and on merchandise. The new marks are expected to provide a substantial increase in royalty revenue for the University.

Why release the new logo in-season?

Several major projects are in the works, including a new artificial turf playing surface at Saluki Stadium, so the release of the logo needed to precede work on these projects.

How quickly will the new logo be circulated?

Today's announcement is considered a "soft launch" of the logo. The official website ( and social media accounts will be updated immediately. ESPN and other television visuals will be updated for the Fall of 2019. Uniforms will be updated within their regular replacement cycle. Facilities will be updated as regular maintenance is needed. Fans can expect to see limited merchandise now at Seventen, the online team store and the University Bookstore on campus. Broader inventory is expected by the Fall of 2019, as 75 vendors have already signed non-disclosure agreements permitting them to produce new merchandise.