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Du Quoin council approves purchase of new dump truck

Managing Editor
updated: 1/16/2019 1:06 PM

DU QUOIN -- The Du Quoin City Council Monday approved the purchase of a used dump truck from Holzhauer Auto Group in Nashville at a cost of $25,500.

"We've been saving the money the last three years to make the down payment on a truck," said Commissioner Chuck Genesio. "We think we got a pretty good deal with this one."

Genesio said a local mechanic inspected the truck -- a 2007 model -- before agreeing to buy it.

"It's a solid truck," he said. "There were 160,000 miles on it, but that was before the engine was rebuilt. The tires are good. The bed is new. The interior's good. All we have to do is replace the starter on it."

Genesio said the cost of a new dump truck exceeds $80,000. The city purchased its previous dump truck from the Perry County Highway Department -- also at a discounted rate.

In order to take advantage of what Genesio feels is "a good deal," the council passed a resolution waiving the bidding process on the purchase of the dump truck.

"Chuck found a truck that he is comfortable with, which is why we are waiving the bid process," said Mayor Guy Alongi.

Alongi asked if the new dump truck would be used by multiple city departments. Genesio said yes, explaining that it should serve the community well now and in the years ahead. He added that a plow and spreader would be attached to the truck.