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Benton Student of the Week - Jaycee McCollum

  • Jaycee McCollum

    Jaycee McCollum

By Mary Layton
Posted on 12/6/2017, 1:00 AM

Jaycee McCollum

Kindergarten, Benton Grade School

Recommended by teacher Cassie Kirkpatrick

Q. What makes Jaycee so special?

Mrs. Kirkpatrick: Jaycee is a great student! She is a hard worker in the classroom, always putting 100 percent effort into everything she does. She is also loving and kind to her classmates and always tries to make others feel included. Jaycee always has a big smile on her face and works hard to make others feel special.

Q. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Jaycee: A teacher.

Q. What will you need to do this job?

Jaycee: Teacher tools.

Q. What skills do you need for this job?

Jaycee: Go to school to learn.

Q. Why do you want to do this job?

Jaycee: Because my daddy is a teacher.

Q. What will you do with your first paycheck?

Jaycee: Buy a car.