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Rides, getting you to the polls.

Staff Writer
Posted on 2/12/2016, 9:49 AM

With election year underway, many will be flocking to the polls on March 15 and a local business is doing its part to make sure no one has an excuse not to vote.

Rides Mass Transit has been in business in Southern Illinois for nearly 40 years. It started out in 1977 with four, 15-passenger vans to take people to nutrition centers and deliver meals to the homebound.

Since then, Rides Mass Transit has expanded with routes connecting 18 southeastern Illinois counties, and continues to proudly serve the southern Illinois area.

Carletta Prather recently announced the continuation of rides to the polls. Since the 1980s, "Rides Mass Transit provides free rides to people anytime there is an election," she said.

According to state statistics, just barely over 50 percent of registered voters actually vote. to actual voter is just barley above the 50 percent mark.

In the 2010 Illinois Governor Election some 7,506,073 people were registered to vote and only 3,792,770 turned out, that is about a 51 percent turnout.

With the already declined number of actual voters over the years, people who don't have access to transportation can no longer use that as an excuse.

Prather would like anyone who is interested or plans on using the service for voting purposes should make reservations in advance.

You may contact the local dispatch office at 618-252-4662 or go online to to check out times, dates and routes.

Prather says that, "Rides is for everyone, not just the elderly, we provide transport to the local colleges as well as for shopping trips to Marion or Carbondale."