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Ho ho ho! Share your child's letter to Santa with us

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updated: 12/1/2017 11:22 AM

We have it on good authority that Santa reads the paper. So now that children are thinking hard about what they want for Christmas, how about emailing us your child's letter to Santa?

We'll run them in the paper on Dec. 13. We need the letters emailed to us (as we're low on elves to retype them all), but if your child has drawn a particularly picturesque letter, please send a photo of it to us as a jpeg. You can also send us a head shot of the child writing the letter (not mandatory).

What we need: The letter, the child's name, any accompanying art you want to send, and a phone number (not for publication) so we can reach you if we have a question.

Email it all to by Dec. 6.

Then, sit back, and on Dec. 13, we'll have an enjoyable feature for you to read.

Questions? Email Mary Layton at mlayton@localsouthern