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  • County votes to remove addition on Campbell bldg.

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  • At Tuesday’s committee meetings, Franklin County Board members approved the removal of an addition to the Campbell Building.
    Building and Grounds chairman Danny Melvin asked for opinions, saying the county highway department would perform the labor. He said the Rend Lake Conservancy District had offered equipment assistance, adding that the county’s general fund must pay for the demolition.
    Melvin said it would cost $2,000 for dumpsters to be placed at the site, and another $1,500 to cut the natural gas line that runs to the addition. He said F.W. Electric would perform those duties.
    Melvin estimated the cost of the project between $3,500 and $4,000.
    Board chairman Randall Crocker said the gas line runs between the two sections of the building and feeds a furnace.
    He said removing the four air-conditioning units from the roof at the same time the addition is being demolished would save the county money in the long run.
    Crocker said F.W. Electric’s original $3,700 bid did not include cutting the gas line. He said having the air conditioners removed would save the cost of paying a general contractor in the future.
    Crocker explained the reason for the cost estimate, which may have seemed high to some board members. He said the freon in the air-conditioning units must be placed in hazardous materials containers and sent elsewhere for disposal.
    When Crocker called for a vote, member Christy Powers asked about a plan to replace the roof on the remaining portion of the Campbell Building. Crocker said finance committee chair Jim McPhail had put him in touch with a roofing company who estimated a $140,000 cost to replace the remaining roof.
    Crocker said he had also contacted architect Brian Edmison for a referral, saying he had received a similar estimate to install four roof drains. Crocker said the second estimate is more complete for the same cost.
    “The roof is similar to the roof that is on the Franklin County Jail,” he said.
    Crocker said State Sen. Gary Forby had been contacted about the possibility of funding to help with roof replacement. He said the project would have to go out for bid, adding he had requested $50,000 from Forby to complete the project.
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