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Curves of Benton offers Zumba classes — free for a week

updated: 1/27/2011 8:21 PM

Hold on to your sports bras: Curves Circuit with Zumba Fitness is here!

Millions have lost weight and shaped up with Curves, the leader in women's fitness, and Zumba, the dance-fitness experts. Now, the two have created the only 30-minute class that mixes the moves of Zumba with the proven strength training of Curves for one wildly effective workout. It's definitely not your mother's workout -- but even your mother can do it!

Some have called it the perfect workout, but Curves of Benton is willing to let residents try it free for a week to find out for themselves.

"Curves Circuit with Zumba Fitness is an amazing workout that will really help people stick to their New Year's resolutions," Curves of Benton Terri Aldredge said. "It combines Curves' proven strength-training program -- where you can burn up to 500 calories in just 30 minutes -- with the Latin and international-inspired music and exhilarating, simple dance moves that have made Zumba so popular.

"We want you to experience it for yourself to see what an incredible workout it is, so we're inviting Benton residents to try it free for one week."

The benefits of Curves Circuit with Zumba classes are numerous, according to Katie Mitchell, Curves Director of Exercise and Research.

"This is definitely a boredom-busting workout," Mitchell said. "There's a lot going on to keep your attention and keep you motivated. You're listening to high-energy music that just makes you want to move, watching to make sure you're meeting your goals on the strength machines, and training your body and your brain by learning new dance moves.

"And research shows that the dynamics of group exercise like the Curves Circuit with Zumba Fitness classes promotes attendance and lowers dropout rates, so people are more likely to stick with it."

All ages, fitness levels and dance abilities can participate in and benefit from Curves Circuit with Zumba Fitness classes.

During the 30-minute class, participants work out on each Curves strength machine for one minute, alternating upper, lower and core muscles. After one minute, the music cues the participant to change stations on the circuit, and she moves to an area between machines to do Zumba moves, which tone and sculpt the body while burning fat.

A licensed instructor from the Zumba Instructor Network teaches simple, modified Zumba moves from the center of the circuit.

At the end of 30 minutes, participants have completed one trip around the entire circuit, worked every major muscle group, and achieved a fun, energetic cardio workout ending with a group stretch led by the Zumba instructor.

For more information about Curves of Benton and Curves Circuit with Zumba Fitness class schedules, call 438-0222.

About Curves

Curves works every major muscle group with a complete 30-minute workout that combines strength training and sustained cardiovascular activity through safe and effective hydraulic resistance. Curves also works to help women lose weight, gain muscle strength and aerobic capacity, and raise metabolism with its groundbreaking, scientifically proven method that ends the need for perpetual dieting.

Founders Gary and Diane Heavin are considered the innovators of the express fitness phenomenon that has made exercise available to millions of women globally, many of whom are in the gym for the first time. With thousands of locations worldwide, Curves is the world';s largest fitness franchise. For more information, visit

About Zumba

The Zumba program is a fitness-party with a contagious blend of Latin and international rhythms that provides a fun and effective workout to a global community, either at home or in the gym. Through exhilarating, high calorie-burning fitness classes, Zumba Fitness has helped melt the pounds and inches off more than 10 million enthusiasts in 110 countries.

Using easy-to-follow moves and exotic, high-energy music, Zumba routines successfully tone and sculpt the body while burning fat. Classes are available at 90,000 locations worldwide and feature specialty options including Zumba Gold classes for active older adults and deconditioned participants, Zumba Toning, Zumbatomic for kids and Aqua Zumba, the "pool party" workout.

For a home-based workout, The Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System is available in a four-disc DVD collection featuring Beto, the creator of the program, and international Zumba celebrities Gina Grant and Tanya Beardsley.

For more information visit

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