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  • Seniors, beware!

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  • To the Editor:
    Regarding Obamacare, I was surprised at Nancy Pelosi's sudden candor on a film clip which aired two or three days ago on national TV. She said, in effect, "We need to get this health care bill passed, so that we can read it, and see what's in it." Clearly, the Obama-Pelosi-Reid trio are more interested in getting a health care bill passed than are they in its contents. The real objective is government control over about 17 percent of the nation's economy.
    Since they have learned that the populace are interested in controlling deficit spending, they come up with a pitch wherein they claim that their bill will save money. I don't recall ever seeing a government program that didn't cost more than proponents claimed it would. Another question — how can they expand health care to 30 million more people — we now have a doctor shortage with others threatening to quit if the bill passes? The ugly truth is called rationing. Seniors, beware!
    The way I see it, Pres. Obama is in a lose-lose situation with this bill. If he doesn't succeed with its passage, he loses some of his base. If the bill passes, he loses many independents.
    Marvin Teel
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